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Why limit your Retirement to Stocks & Bonds?

Unlike most retirement accounts that offer only paper investments, a Self-Directed IRA allows you to mitigate your exposure to dollar denominated assets by holding alternative asset classes inside your account. Precious Metals are vaulted, & fully insured with an all-risk insurance policy through the Lloyd's of London. The depository does not have any debt & does not lend any metals in it's storage, meaning your metals are fully allocated at all times.

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Frequently asked questions

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How Much Does It Cost To Rollover My IRA into Gold & Silver?

The Process Doesn't Cost Anything.

It is a Tax Free, Penalty Free, Fee Free Rollover.

We make money only when you buy Gold & Silver.


Are There Any Fees For A Gold IRA?

There are fees, but the are very affordable & often times cheaper than your current 401k or IRA plan.

The fee is $200 per year, flat rate.

This includes all of the Custodial Fees & the Depository Storage Fees.


What Gold or Silver Products Should I Buy? Coins or Bars?

In short, while both offer potential benefits, most experts recommend opting for coins over bars for the average investor. Coins provide more flexibility to investors due to their smaller size and liquidity.

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Clayton J. Green
Sr. Precious Metals Specialist