11 Countries Have Fully Launched Central Bank Digital Currency

11 Countries Have Fully Launched Central Bank Digital Currency

Are you worried the Fed could move towards a US Digital Dollar?

The rollout of Central Bank Digital Currency has already launched in 11 Countries worldwide including Europe & China.

  • 130 countries, representing 98 percent of global GDP, are exploring a CBDC. In May 2020, only 35 countries were considering a CBDC. A new high of 64 countries are in an advanced phase of exploration (development, pilot, or launch).

  • 19 of the G20 countries are now in the advanced stage of CBDC development. Of those, 9 countries are already in pilot. Nearly every G20 country has made significant progress and invested new resources in these projects over the past six months.

  • 11 countries have fully launched a digital currency. China’s pilot, which currently reaches 260 million people, is being tested in over 200 scenarios, some of which include public transit, stimulus payments and e-commerce. 

See more: https://www.atlanticcouncil.org/cbdctracker/

Another article recently talked about privacy fears rising in Europe as they introduce a Digital ID alongside their new Digit Euro.

Under the new law, the EU will offer its citizens so-called ‘digital wallets’—on a voluntary basis, at first—which will contain digital versions of their ID cards, driving licenses, diplomas, medical records, and bank account information. 

Like Forbes Magazine Says, "Central Banks Will Lead To Absolute Government Control"


The movement of digital dollars would be trackable, so while it would help curb funding of terrorists and eliminate money laundering, government workers would have explicit details on every transaction you make.

Potentially, U.S. state and federal tax agencies could track taxable transactions and secure automatic payments at their discretion without advance notice. Also, depending on which political party is in power, the government could conceivably politicize CBDC payments such as by blocking payments to charities or religious organizations -- or blocking CBDC use for certain goods such as birth control or bullets.


It's clear that governments around the world are salivating at the idea of introducing currencies that they can manipulate and control, hassle-free. 

So ask yourself this: How is this move towards digital currency going to have an impact on your financial freedom?


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