How Does Gold & Silver Protect My Wealth?

How Does Gold & Silver Protect My Wealth?

The Ultimate Insurance

Owning gold could well be the ultimate insurance for turbulent times. It’s an age old question which people have been asking for centuries – where is my money really safe? More and more people are now choosing the oldest answer: GOLD.

Gold offers about as much certainty as you can get and bullion, unlike other investments, will always hold a value. Gold bullion is an effective way of hedging against other investments as its value tends to be particularly buoyant when other investments such as stocks and property are under-performing.

Gold can also be used effectively to insure you against other economic factors such as inflation and deflation, interest rates, stock market jitters and currency problems. Importantly, as a highly precious metal, gold's worth is recognized internationally, and is considered a valuable luxury no matter where you are in the world. An additional convenient, positive aspect is that gold bars and gold coins can be taken with you easily, wherever you go.

Protect & Control Your Wealth

Since the crisis in 2008, people have paid more attention to their finances and are looking harder than ever for alternative methods of protecting the value of their money. Gold offers a long-term safe haven for those looking to protect and preserve the value of their wealth as it will always hold a significant value no matter what is happening in the government or economy. Gold investment should be viewed primarily as a low-risk security asset for yourself and your family’s future.

The physical ownership of gold bullion bars and coins gives investors the ultimate control over their wealth. Instead of trusting third parties and handing your money over to a fund manager, or even leaving it in the bank, holding your gold at home or in secure storage gives you true control, ownership and responsibility over your own future instead of relying on others to do so.

This control can only be achieved through owning physical gold bars and coins, not paper gold or electronic gold (ETFs). This control even extends to choosing how, where and when to release the value of part or all of the value of your investment. Hundreds of bullion dealers are willing to buy your gold instantly over the telephone. Investors can realize the value of the gold in just a few minutes and get a bank transfer or instant cash payment onsite the very same day.


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